Captain Eagle

Scott Lorch

Refresh: 3

Role: Mutate Demi-Brick Gadgeteer

   German Engineered American Flag Suit

Difficulty: Recht Und Ordnung Uber Alles


The Greatest Generation's Supersoldier
The All-American Eagle Plane
Impressive Gadgetry


Superb (+5): Physique

Great (+4): Athletics, Fight

Good (+3): Lore, Notice, Shoot

Fair (+2): Crafts, Investigate, Resources, Science

Average (+1): Contacts, Drive, Rapport, Provoke, Will

Captain Eagle

Physical: [1][2][3][4]

Mental: [1][2][3]

Physical (2) Mild (2) Moderate (4) Severe (6)


Gadgets: Because I use various gadgets to enhance my already impressive capabilities, when I invoke my Impressive Gadgetry Aspect to gain a +2 bonus on a roll, I add an additional +1.

Eagle Shrieker Sonic Cannon: Because I use a sonic cannon, if I Shoot with it and gain a boost I can upgrade the boost to place the Aspect Deafened and Disoriented on my target with one free invoke.

The Bullet Stops Here: Because I am superhumanly durable and also wear a little armor here and there, I intrinsically have Armor: 1